Robert McKenney is Founder & CEO of BidFoundry (SaaS for collectibles dealers) and Bold Beaver (Canadian cloud backups).

Robert McKenney's Bio:

• Entrepreneur • Balance of creative and technical skills • Sees both the broad vision and the important details • Customer experience focused • Mentor and team builder • Infectious enthusiasm • Life-long learner   Robert McKenney is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in successfully using technology to find creative and elegant solutions to complex business problems. He has been hands-on in developing websites and web applications since 1994. Robert can approach any given challenge with a strong mix of both creative and technical skills, leading to a more well-rounded, customer experience focused solution. Robert’s infectious enthusiasm helps him communicate that vision effectively with many different audiences. Robert McKenney can quickly see the broad strategic vision and then effectively articulate that in terms of specific implementation details relevant to each team member – helping them to understand the importance of their contribution to the whole project.  A love of life-long learning drives Robert to continually expand his knowledge of the ever-changing information technology industry. And, he is equally delighted by the opportunity to learn more about his client’s business domain so that he can better serve them.  

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Robert McKenney's Interests & Activities:

Technology, History, Politics and Aviation